Happy 2 year anniversary to us

Happy 2 year anniversary to us

The last couple years have been a wild ride - and it all started at a mountain bike race in the desert.

For our two year anniversary, we thought we'd take a look back at the last couple of years and the events that positioned our brand at the forefront of the CBD athletic movement.

As the unofficial official CBD brand of Epic Rides series of events, we’ve gone on the road across the country to support thousands of mountain bike racers and spread the word about adding whole hemp CBD to their lives. 

But we like roadies and triathletes too, and even set up a recovery zone at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon for athletes to get a massage with our Body Repair Balm.


Seven Points booth at events


We’ve implemented an industry leading, detailed QR code system that lets our customers scan their product and read its lab report. To add to that, this system includes a batch ID on each product label to give 100% confidence that you’re looking at a report for the product in your hand. We’re closing the loop to let our customers know that their Seven Points CBD is safe, pure, and matches the potency of the label.




We were able to make it through the payment gateway debacle of 2019 where nearly every CBD brand had their online payment processing switched off thanks to some shady business practices of some of the lower quality brands. We rode out the storm and now are set up with authorize.net and Square - leaders in online secure payment systems.

We’ve worked hard to develop new products like our CBD Infused Honey and our 500mg and 1000mg Body Repair Balms. These have all become customer favorites and have opened our minds to developing new products.


Body Repair Balms


Last year we inked a partnership with Quality Bicycle Products - the cycling industry’s largest parts and accessories distributor. They now offer Seven Points as one of the nutritional brands they carry. If you’re bike shop, then adding us to your shelves as easy as your next QBP order.

Recently, we’ve started a YouTube channel to better educate our customers and anyone interested in learning about CBD. We cover a wide range of topics, from understanding your body’s endocannabinoid system to reading a CBD certificate of analysis. It’s helpful information - and it’s available to anyone.


The Seven Points YouTube channel


Mountain biking is one of our things, and over the last few years we’ve partnered some some of the sport’s best riders like Ritchey Schley, Kaitlyn Boyle, Taylor Lideen, and Ashley Carelock. These athletes are on the frontline speaking about the benefits of adding CBD to their training and proving that it works. 

As you can see, it’s been a busy couple of years. We’re grateful for the support of our customers and look forward to providing everyone with more ways to get big relief without big pharma.