Post-Workout Repair

When you add Seven Points CBD to your post-workout recovery routine you strengthen the system responsible for the body’s homeostasis. This helps “jump start” the recovery process because CBD works in concert with the bodies Endocannabinoid System which is thought to be the link between mind and body. When we are depleted from a workout the brain sends an involuntary signal to start the repair process. The ECS is the first physiological system to respond to this signal and starts a chain of events that lead to repair of damaged tissue and ultimate recovery. A healthy ECS that is operating at an optimum level stimulates the recovery process at the cellular level to the organs and tissue and ultimately to the body as a whole. We’ve blended US grown, hemp based, 99.99% pure, THC free CBD isolate with protein, L-glutamine & BCAAs to create what we believe is the best possible recovery drink available.